That’s all changed, he said, but his lessons haven’t. “The stuff I do on TikTok,” he said, "I do a version of that in my class." His class is often a central feature in his videos. Cook records many of the videos in his lab and sometimes they even feature his students. He’s made paper from grass clippings, used mousetraps and ping pong balls to explain a nuclear reaction and sets many, many things on fire. His account didn’t really take off until last summer, though. Cook said it was the peak of “pandemic time” when he struck gold with his first truly viral video. “I got millions and millions of views,” he said.


And of course Gunther was wearing his very best faux diamond dog collar for the meeting — his real gold collar is back at his main home in Tuscany. As crazy as it sounds even by Florida's standards, Gunther VI inherited his vast fortune, including the eight-bedroom waterfront home once owned by the “Material Girl” singer, from his grandfather Gunther IV. At least that’s what the handlers who manage the estate say. The Tuscan-style villa with views of Biscayne Bay went on sale Wednesday for $31.75 million — a whopping markup from the purchase two decades ago from the pop star for $7.5 million. The home also boasts a gilded framed portrait of Gunther IV over the living room fireplace. The dog's lineage dates back decades to when Gunther III inherited a multimillion-dollar trust from late owner German countess Karlotta Liebenstein when she died in 1992. Since then, a group of handlers have helped maintain a jet-setting lifestyle for a succession of dogs. There are trips to the Milan and the Bahamas, where the latest Gunther recently dined out at restaurants every evening — his handlers like to make sure he's well socialized.


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Light walking improves circulation and ensures your knee receives the proper supply of nutrients and oxygen necessary to heal. Walking shortly after surgery will also reduce your risk of complications such as blood clots, and it will keep your knee joint limber. Most knee replacement patients begin walking before they’re released from the hospital following surgery. You’ll need to get a lot of sleep during the early stages of your knee replacement recovery. Sleep engages your body’s restorative abilities, and this will help jumpstart your recovery process. Your body needs a full array of nutrients while it’s recovering from surgery. Make sure you’re eating a healthy diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, protein, and other nutritious minerals. While pain should be expected after knee replacement, you don’t need to endure it unabated. Proper pain management will help reduce discomfort and facilitate your recovery. Make sure you’re taking your prescribed pain medication as directed. Physical therapy is a crucial component to the recovery process after knee replacement surgery.


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15-17. McIver, president and owner of DMA Cos., is an accomplished developer and steadfast advocate. She’s also been an important leader in Texas and beyond, working to improve programs and policies. You can read more about Diana in this article posted last month on Affordable Housing Finance’s website. Founded in 1997, the Texas Affiliation of Affordable Housing Providers (TAAHP) is a non-profit trade association serving as the primary advocate and leading resource for the affordable housing industry in Texas. Our vision is to inspire and engage our members and stakeholders to end the affordable housing crisis in Texas. Are you a Texas resident looking for see this here affordable housing? Click here to search the TDHCA database . Are you looking for rent assistance resources, help with utility bills or reduced rent apartments?